Western Counties Soccer Association


The Western Counties Soccer Association (WCSA) is a non-profit organization.  Our membership is made up of recreational soccer clubs and leagues providing community based soccer programs, operating in the City of London and surrounding counties.  These members have grouped together to share resources and to promote the game of soccer.

All clubs within the WCSA membership, are free to operate their individual programs in any manner that facilitates their community, without interference or mandates from WCSA.   WCSA acts only as resource provider and advisor on operational and technical matters.   

There is no discipline appeal process offered to our members or their players and there are no fines or penalties collected by WCSA itself, at any time.   Clubs and leagues may fine or impose penalties at their discretion.   WCSA expects that all persons electing to engage in any members' community program, does so of their own free will and in doing so, agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of their respective club or league.   Hence all disciplinary actions are dealt with at the discretion of the club or league and their decisions are final.