WCSA Membership Benefits

The Western Counties Soccer Association provides the following services to its members:

1. WCSA provides third-party group liability and Sport Injury and Accident coverage to all of its member clubs at reasonable cost.  Club executives, referees, coaches and volunteers are also covered under these policies if they are registered with the Association.

NOTE: Coverage is provided by a Commercial Liability Insurance Policy covering bodily injury and property damage in the amount of $5,000,000. This is a group policy owned by the Western Counties Soccer Association.  Only registered members, in good standing with WCSA are insured by this policy. Certain limitations and deductibles apply. This policy does not provide coverage for ANY wage loss due to injury.

2. WCSA offers referee clinics to our members. While adhering to FIFA rules, these clinics are the basics suitable for recreational programs. These courses do not compare or equate to any Provincial training program.  Referees and Coaches seeking certification are encouraged to participate in a Provincial Level Clinic offered through Ontario Soccer.

3. WCSA organizes a Soccer Festival annually for registered youth players age 7 to 18.  This festival is free for WCSA registered teams and players. This festival provides an opportunity for players to play friendly games with teams outside of their club and regular leagues.

4. We provide support and advice to the clubs when requested. We do not impose any rules or restrictions on the operations within the clubs. No fines or penalties are imposed or collected by WCSA at any time.